Pic: Paula Saraste

Impossible Histories

pt.1: Israel
Trial documents 1917-1918, Plexi Glass, Light
@ Six Works by Paraika Ballhaus Rixdorf, Berlin

First part of an ongoing series/process of works

related to epigenetics and identity. 

In 2018 I came across trial documents from the  Finnish Civil War era,

naming a certain person with exactly same name, approximate 

year of birth and part of the country 

as my great-grandfather supposedly might have had. 

However, it seemed like this was another person or at 

least the story we had of him did not seem to fit

the identity described in these papers. 

pt.2: Impossible History

Audio, sound, voice, text

16 min.



Centro de Arte y Creación Palma 2023

Poetic prose piece about cemeteries,

architecture and identity. 


Octochannel work for Finnish Sound Art: A Sampling

@Bobst Library, New York

Curated by Michael J. Schumacher and MUU ry 2019


Based on Nasa's archive of sounds on planetary bodies,  combined 

with a panisorhythmic motet, the sound work

is a generative circulation on relativity of time.