I'm a Helsinki-based artist working interdisciplinarily on different medias. I graduated in 2019 from Critical Images, a post-masters program in The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, holding an Ma -degree in Fine Arts from the Arts University Helsinki from 2015 onwards. 

I'm interested in Role-Playing -games from the point of view of object-oriented ontology, working on a project related to the matter since 2018. At first it began as a Role-Playing game situated in Finland, but since then the writing has been orienting towards a theoretical research related to the topics of gender, the unquantifiable nature of human experience and the problematics of violence as the primary tension in game culture.  

Proposing maybe alternatives to conventional takes on the matter, the project is ongoing and will be presented next in School with many holes, 28.10. at Amos Rex, Helsinki and later in the Finnish Institute, Berlin in 27.2.2020. 

I've also worked on sound art mainly as a secretary general and organizer in the Finnish Association Charm of Sound. My work involves musical pieces both in the form of releases and live settings, be it a performance or installation. In 2017 I had a private exhibition in Raatihuoneen galleria, Turku on the theme of marxist interpretation of the means of production of music in relation to noise called Stockpiling TIme. 

More recently I had a solo exhibition in Huuto-gallery dealing with aspects of personality in relation to time called Animations. 

Please send contact requests to: tuukka.haapakorpi (at) gmail